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Kikyo No Kokoro

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The diclonius (two-horned human) was a mutant created by humans. It had a special ability that could be described as a sixth sense.

The mutants had enough power to exterminate the whole human race. Humans being afraid of their powers, they were isolated into research labs to be studied.

One of the diclonius girls named Lucy broke out of confinement, killed the guards and escaped from the laboratory. She fell into the ocean after being shot and ended up on a beach. There she met Kota and Yuka, they named her Nyu and began to live with her.

Elfen Lied - Lista Episoade
01 Chance Meeting - Begegnung
02 Cleaning Up - Vernichtung
03 At Heart - Im Innersten
04 Touching Strike - Aufeinandertreffen
05 Receiving - Empfang
06 Inner Feelings - Herzenswaerme
07 Confrontation - Zufaellige Begegnung
08 Beginning - Beginn
09 Reminiscence - Schoene Erinnerung
10 Infant - Saeugling
11 Complications - Vermischung
12 Sludge - Taumeln
13 No Way Back - Erleuchtung

"Dorinta de a fi iubit pentru ceea ce esti in tine insuti este o reflectare a Inimii lui Dumnezeu care se oglindeste in inima noastra."
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