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Kikyo No Kokoro

Numarul mesajelor : 183
Varsta : 24
Localisation : Taramul de Nicaieri
Data de inscriere : 29/10/2006

MesajSubiect: Sumar   Dum Dec 31, 2006 8:22 pm

A magical barrier has just been broken down... now our heroes can visit places that they have never been before. After being commissioned by the golden dragon princess Filia (Lina's older sister turned down the job!), the group is at work to stop a terrible prophecy from coming true. As Lina, Gourry, Zel, and Amelia travel through new towns and kingdoms, it becomes apparent that magic is not as common as in their hometowns. This doesn't mean that the people aren't strange, however! The town of fish people will bring back fond memories of Noonsa!

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Slayers - Lista Episoade
01 Angry! Lina`s Furious Dragon Slave!
02 Bad! Mummy Men Aren`t My Type!
03 Crash! Red, White and Suspicious All Over!
04 Dash! Run For It! My Magic Doesn`t Work!
05 Escape! Noonsa, The Flaming Fish Man
06 Focus! Rezo`s The Real Enemy!
07 Give up! But, Just Before We Do, The Sure Kill Sword Appears!
08 Help! Shabranigdo Is Reborn!
09 Impact! The Eve of the Great Life of Death Struggle!
10 Jackpot! the Great Life or Death Gamble!
11 Knock Out! The Seyrunn Family Feud!
12 Lovely! Amelia`s magic training
13 Knock out those bounty hunters!
14 Navigation! An invitation to Sairaag
15 Oh no! Lina`s wedding rhapsody?
16 Passion! Shall we give our lives for the stage?
17 Question! He`s proposing to THAT girl?
18 Return! The Red Priest is back!
19 Shock! Sairaag falls!
20 Trouble! Rahanimu, the furious Fish Man!
21 Upset! Gourry vs. Zangulus
22 Vice! The One Who was Left Behind
23 Warning! Eris` Wrath!
24 X-Day! The Demon Beast Reborn!
25 Yes! A Final Hope, the Blessed Blade!
26 Zap! Victory is Always Mine!

"Dorinta de a fi iubit pentru ceea ce esti in tine insuti este o reflectare a Inimii lui Dumnezeu care se oglindeste in inima noastra."
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